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GIF Cinema 4D
3 years ago
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Cinema 4D 3D

Playing with primitives and cloners in C4D-

(Looks best in HD/full screen!)

3 years ago
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Drift Cinema 4D After Effects Motion Design Game

Drift is an awesome new game being built by Eric, a friend of mine, and his friend Derek (who also created the music in this bit). More info here:​

This is just a spec piece I built after being inspired by some of their video updates and also in the interest of testing a couple things. Consider it “fan art” if you will—

[Watch it on Vimeo in HD if possible, all the little lines don’t always work so hot in lower resolutions]

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Cinema 4D After Effects

Built this little animation last night from scratch, enjoy!

(Full-screen, HD works best!)

Playing with GSG’s subpoly displacement tutorial, lava rocks?